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My Site is now Wider, less Technical, and has more Twinkling Stars

Authored by Paula Whitefield on 2022-11-20 at 16:30.

Adjusted the site width and moved some technical info around. Not forgetting more twinkling stars to make it prettier.

Increased site width to 800px and made it easier to adjust in future

Previous width was 600 pixels, which when viewed on my larger computer screen looked far too narrow.

Why did I make it 600 in the first place? Did I not see it was too narrow?

No I didn't notice, because I used my tablet computer to develop most of my site, and the screen width on there is smaller, so 600 looked fine.

The width is now 800 pixels, which looks better.

Technically, it is defined using the max-width property in CSS, meaning it will not extend beyond 800, but will shrink to the width of the page when viewed on smaller screens.

I would like to thank my friend for explaining this to me, otherwise I would've used the width property which has a much different result for those on smaller screens, and is therefore not very mobile friendly.

On another technical note, I have defined the width as a custom property in CSS, making it easier to adjust in the future should I wish to do so.

Moved technical info about my site from the footer into the about page

Not everyone is going to be technical minded enough to care about how I develop my site, but some may be. Which is why I could not remove the info entirely, just needed to find a better place to mention it.

You may have noticed if you have been on my site recently, that there was some technical info about my site displayed at the bottom (footer) of every page. I apologise if this was a turn off for you and caused you to leave my site thinking the site was only for technical people. It's not, so I hope those that left come back soon.

For those that are interested in how my site is made, this info is now displayed in one place, at the bottom of the about page after everything else.

Changed the lines to be twinking blue stars

Beforehand, I had solid purple lines separating the different sections of my site. (A styled version of the HR tag in HTML)

I wanted something prettier, so I had a look around for an animated gif of a line, and finally after spending a good hour looking at lines, settled on one with blue twinkling stars.

At least it matches the background being also twinkling stars at the time of writing, so figured it would be a good fit.

Wrapping things up...

I would like to thank each and every visitor I get to my website. All of you are amazing, and I give you a virtual hug.

Feel free to express your own comments about this article. Details on how to contact me are on the about page.

Take care. <3

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