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Made Changes to Website and Added some Gifs!

Authored by Paula Whitefield on 2022-11-17 at 23:54.

Wanted a way to be more expressive, I think I did it.

Social media these days doesn't let you express yourself in a way you can truely make yours. Its mainly just text, pictures, and videos. The page itself is the same as everyone else's page. Where's the fun in that? That isn't really your page, its the page of the site.

This is my website, something that is entirely mine, where I can control everything on it, including how it looks.

Recently, I have been taking online classes in web design and development to learn how to make my own website, and I think I have done well so far.

Found some animated gifs online that hopefully makes my website more fun to explore.

I plan to add more to my site as time goes on, so make sure you come back to see what I do next.

Let me know your thoughts, and enjoy the rest of my site.

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